E&M Farms raises ADGA Purebred Nubian Goats.  We are members of the American Dairy Goat Associan Plus programs (ADGA Plus member).  Our goal is to raise high quality Nubian goats and improve their blood line for milking and showing (see our Show page).   We milked 7 in the 2016 season and we are milking 8 in the 2017 season.

We will once again be hosting Linear Appraisal here at the farm for 2018 (hope we have better weather this year than last).

Our herd is tested for Caprine Arthritis Encaphlitis (CAE) and Johnness every year.  Tests for CAE are required every year, even with closed herds.  This years test was in May 2017 and came back negitive.  Half the herd was tested late April 2017 (all neg) and the other half mid-May 2017 (results pending).

We are on OS40 AR, owner sampler milk testing for the third year.  We have 6 does who have earned their stars.

All of our bucks are G6S Normal (by test) and have DNA tests on record.

Each goat has a "lead" chain on them to help control them.  The chain "breaks away" easily if they get caught on something.  When one goat shows up without thier chain, we walk the fence line to find it and put it back on.

We have a seperate buck pen that we house our bucks.  Right now we have 2 bucks (herd sires) that are kept out in the "buck" area.  We are in the process of adding a new buckling to the herd.  They have a dry shed to stay in if the the weather is wet.  Most goats do not want thier feet wet, they will come running to the barn or shed to keep dry.

We kept 5 doelings from the 2016 crop.  Little Bit, Pandora, Juno, Penelope and Selene.  We have kept 3 doelings out of the 2017, Mia, Buttercup and Jasmine.  Mia and Buttercup are litter mates.

We also have herd shares for milk.  e-mail us for more info on herd shares.  We also make cheese and butter with the milk.

We get asked about livestock guardains.  We have two Great Pyrenees, both females.  Arwin, the oldest, and the calmest.  Then there is Tauriel (1 yo), the youngest.  Both do a good job of guarding the herd (and the cattle), since we got them working we have not lost any chickens or ducks to predators.  Neither have messed with the goats (or the chickens), but Tauriel will chase and run with the babies if they get excided and run.  As she ages, it is not as bad as it was.
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