CH Artesina Valley HKK Juno A001780074 6*M
LA (2018): 87 VVVE as a first fresher
Sire: SG Hoach's RHRS Kazaa Kinfold ++*B
Dam: Hull's BCD Justified Justyne 5*M
You never know how attached you get to your animals till one of them die.  Juno died from complications after kidding,  April 3, 2019.  She is missed and we are very uset from losing her.  Very sad.
Grand Champion Warren County Fair (Dry Leg), 2017.  She took Reserve Champion 2017 and again in 2018 at different shows.  She took Champion in both Ring 3 and in Ring 4 to give her 3 legs at the Spring Fling, Lebanon, May 2018.  Making her a Perment Grand Champion.
D'S Darlins Sweet William AA1960507
William sire several Nu-pine does for another farm.  He was sold and went to his own herd.
E&M Farms RR Draco A002023897 (DNA on file)
Dam: CH Artesian Valley HKK Juno A001780074
Sire: Amy"s Pride PAT Ren Rowan A001934545
Draco is our jr buck out of Juno.  Hoping he produces doelings like his dam.