Linclon County Fair Sept '14
We attended the Lincoln County Fair ADGA Dairy Goat Show and placed well with our goats.  This was our first time showing our goats and learning how to show, lots to learn about showing.  

Balingary RS Abelia took 1st Place in the 3 yr old class, Grand Champion, and Best of Breed
Cherrywood Splash placed 1st in the 2 yr old class, and was Reserve Champion
Willandrey Farm EM Isabel placed 2nd in the 2 yr old class
E&M Farms Chloe placed 1st in the 1 yr old class
E&M Farms Mini Me Louise placed 5th in the Jr Intermediate class
Cherrywood Splash and E&M Farms Chloe placed 1st in the Dam/Daughter class
Our Dairy Herd placed 1st with Balingary RS Abelia, Cherrywood Splash, Willandrey Farm EM Isabel, and E&M Farms Chloe
We also placed 2nd for the Herdsman Award

We were quite ecstatic and honored to have won so many ribbons.  We are looking forward to  attending more shows next season.

Balingary RS Abelia
Grand Champion, Best of Breed, 1st Place 3 year olds.
Cherywood Splash
Reserve Champion, 1st Place 2 year olds.
Willandrey Farm EM Isabel
2nd Place 2 year olds.
E&M Farms Chloe
1st Place 1 year olds
E&M Farms Mini Me Louise (my champ) 5th Place Jr Intermediate Class
        Carrolton Classic
       29 & 30 April 2016

Cali:  4th both Rings
Raven:  4th Ring 1; 5th Ring 2
Perseus:  2nd Ring 1; 3th Ring 2
Logan:  1st both Rings
Zeus:  2nd Ring 1;  3rd Ring 2

   Smoky Mountain Dairy Goat Spring Show
        21 May 16
Logan:  Ring 1&2 - 2nd
Perseus:  Ring 1 - 2nd
Perseus:  Ring 2 - 1st Reserve Champion Ring 1
Abelia:  Ring 1&2 -2nd
Mystique:  Ring 1&2 - 2nd
Mini Me:  Ring 1&2 - 4th

     McCracken County Fair
        25 Jun 2016
Mystique:  Ring  1 - 2nd
Mystique:  Ring 2 - 1st and Reserve Champ (Restricted Leg)
Cherrywood:  Ring 1 - 1st
Cherrywood:  Ring 2 - 2nd
Abelia:  Ring 1 - 3rd
Abelia:  Ring 2 - 2nd
Chole:  Ring 1&2 - 3rd
Mini Me: Ring 1 - 3rd
Mini Me:  Ring 2 - 4th  
Dairy Herd: Ring 1 &2 - 1st
Dam/Daughter (CW/Chole):  Ring 1 - 2nd
Dam/Daughter (CW/Chole):  Ring 2 - 1st

   Williamson County Fair
          7 Aug 2016
Juno:  1st and Reserve Grand Junior Champion
Abelia:  1st 1st in 5 and older does; 1st Nubian udders
Mystique:  2nd 3 year olds
Chole:  4th 3 year olds
Cherrywood:  3rd 3 year olds
Cherrywood & Chole:  1st dam daughter
Little Bit:  2nd Feb kids (Juno was first)
Selene:  3rd Feb kids
Pandora:  1st Apr kids
Dam/ Daughter(CW-Chole):  1st
Dairy Herd:  2nd

   Fentriss County Ag Fair
       13 Aug 2016
Juno:  1st and Grand Champion
Cali:  1st and Reserve Cham
Abelia:  2nd
Cherrywood: 1st
Selen:  3rd
Little Bit:  2nd
Pandora:  1st
Penelope:  3rd
Best Three Juniors: 1st

    Wilson County Fair
         21 Aug 2016
Cherrywood:  2nd 4 year olds
Chole:  2nd 3 year olds
Abelia:  2nd 5 and older year olds
Mystique:  3rd 3 year olds
Selene:  2nd April babies
Little Bit:  3rd April babies
Panadora:  2nd  Feb babies
Penelope:  3rd Feb babies
Celebrain:  3rd  senior doelings
Best Three Junior Does:  3rd
Dairy Herd:  3rd

West Georgia Dairy Goat Show
      3 & 4 Sep 2016
Abelia:  Rings1&2&3&4 - 2nd
Mystique:  Rings1&2&3&4 -4th
CW:  Ring 1 - 2nd; Ring 2&3&4 - 3rd
Cali:  Ring 1 - 3rd; Ring 2 - 1st, Ring 3- 2nd; Ring 4 - 3rd
Pandora:  Ring 1 - 9th; Ring 2 - 3; Ring 3- -1st; Ring 4 - 5
Little Bit:  Ring 1 - 6th; Ring 2 - 12th; Ring 3 - 5th; Ring 4: - 8th

Warren County A&L Fair
        10 Sep 2016

Mystique:  1st
Chole:  2nd
Cherrywood:  4th
Abelia:  1st
Little Bit:  1st
Selene:  2nd
Pandora:  2nd
Penelope:  3rd
Celbrian:  3rd
Raven:  2nd
Dam/Daug (CW, Chole):  2nd
Dairy Herd (CW, Mystique, Abelia, Chole):  2nd

     Lincoln County Fair
      11 Sep 2016
Cali:  1st and Grand Cham and Best in Show
Abelia:  1st
Mystique:  5th
Cherrywood:  3th
Chole:  8th
Dam Daughter (CW & Chole):  4th
Dairy Herd:  3rd 
Raven:  5th
Penelope:  5th
Pandora:  3rd
Selene:  1st
Little Bit: 3rd

DeKalb County VFC Ag Fair
28 Sep 2016
Abelia:  1st
Mystique:  1st
Cherrywood: 2nd
Chole:  2nd
Mini-Me: 5th

Alabama National Fair
29 Oct 2016
Abelia:   Ring 1 - 1st - Reserved Grand Champion;
             Ring 2 - 1st - Grand Champion
Mystique:   Ring 1 &2 - 3rd
Panadora :  Ring 1 - 2nd;  Ring 2 - 1st
Selene:  Ring 1 - 2nd;  Ring 2 - 1st Grand Champion

2016 Show Results

Smoky Mountain Dairy Goat Association
23 May 2015

Mini-Me:  1st both Rings; Reserve Champion Ring 2
Perseus:  4th Ring 1; 1st Ring 2 and Reserve Champion
Zeus:  5th Ring 1; 4th Ring 2
Athena:  5th Ring 1; 2nd Ring 2
Abelia:  3rd Ring 1;  2nd Ring 2
Cherrywood:  5th both Rings
Mystique:  5th Ring 1; 4th Ring

McCracken County Fair
June 27, 2015

Cherrywood:  3rd
Izzy:  3rd
Abelia:  4th
Mystiqe:  4th

Williamson County Fair 2015
Aug 9, 2015

Abelia:  2nd; 3rd 4 to 5 year olds udders
Raven:  3rd
Mini-Me:  7th
Athena:  1st & Grand Reserve Champion

Wilson County Fair 2015
Aug 16, 2015

Mystique:  3rd
Abelia:  2nd
Raven:  5th
Mini-Me:  6th

Lincoln County Fair 2015
Sep 13, 2015

Mystique:  2nd
Mini-Me:  3rd
Abelia:  6th

Alabama National Fair (2015)
Oct 17, 2015

Mystique:  1st in both rings
Mini Me:  1st both Rings
Abelia:  4th in both rings.

2017 Shows