Balingary TG Logan
LA 83 +V+
G6s normal by test.
Dam: GCH Balingary RS Mystique
Sire: The KTMS Gabriel
E&M Farms
SG Willandrey Farm EM Isabel (Izzy) 2*M
ADGA # N1600812
LA: 2018: 83 +EV+ (as a 6yo); 2017:VEEV 88
G6S Carrier
DOB: 03/26/2012
Izzy was our biggest Nubian milker.
Dam: Louise
Sire:  Wyatt Earp - N001477194
E&M Farms
E&M Farms KA Dame's Rocket N1527226
(barn name: Rocket Man)
E&M Farms Juno
ADGA# N001790814

DOB:  April 6, 2016
LA: 2018: 86 VVVV (2 yr old 2F); 2017: +V+V 85
G6s Normal by parents
Dam:  Mini Me
Sire: Perseus
Willandrey Farm Louise *M
ADGA# N1425698
LA Scores: VE++ 84
DOB: 12/09/2006
She is the queen of the herd.  She was retired before the 2016 breeding season.  She has many daughter and sons and grand kids running around middle Tenn (including Mini Me and Izzy).  There have been 79 (2015) of her kids and grandkids registered with ADGA, how many more that were not registered?
Some of our reference bucks and does.